How does it Work?

Participants choose a bag of mining rough.
Participants take their bag of rough to the sluice
where they pour a little into the water. As the
rough washes away, the gems appear.

The Best Kind of Fun!

It’s the kind of fun that builds memories. Panning for gems and fossils are great ways to build experiences that can be shared friends and families.
Let Fun Factory help you plan an event that will be remembered forever.

In each gemstone bag, panners normally find at
least one of the following: , garnet, obsidian,
calcite, quartz, fluorite, peridot, smoky quartz,
rose quartz, green quartz, pyrite and up to ten
others. Some will even find emeralds, topaz &

After you’re finished, compare your find to our
chart to identify your find. Your gemstones are
suitable for cutting, polishing, finishing or