Check out these BIG HITS!
  Castle Obstacle Course This 3 pc obstacle course is our biggest hit! With features like crawl throughs and pop-ups, players with bounce their way through and end with a fun slide!

Space and other requirements: 30ft x 13ft , and two 110 plugs
  40' Obstacle Course Fight your way through bouncy pillars and much more. The ultimate relay race and team challenge. This activity is suitable for participants of ages 6 to14.

Space and other requirements: 16ft x 50ft, two 110 plugs, and 2 monitors.
  50' Obstacle Course Many activities all in one unit! You can bounce, race and dodge in this one. Good for ages 5-14.

Requirements: 20 x 60 ft , one 110 plug and 2 safety monitors.
  Bungee Run Get ready for a 35 foot race to the baton! The trick is the BUNGEE cord attached to the wall behind you and around your waist, as you run, the cord gets tighter. Grab the baton before you are pulled back by the BUNGEE cord! Fun for ages 6 to adult.

Requirements: 10ft x 35ft, 110 plug and 2 monitors.
  Pedestal Joust Brave and valiant gladiators dual in a game of Joust until their opponents are dismounted from their pedestals. As much fun to watch as to participate.

Requirements: 15ft x 60ft, two 110 plugs, and 2 monitors.
  Bungee Joust Combo This is a great combination activity to show off your athletic side. Get ready to compete on the Joust then race for the win in the Bungee Run. Two items for one price. Great for ages 6 to adult.

Requirements: 18 x 30 ft, two 110 plug and 2 safety monitors.
  One on One Sports Challenge Two Participants strapped to the same bungee cord race their opponent to slam-dunk or score a touchdown! Fun for ages 8 to adult.

Requirements: 25 x 14 x40 ft, one 110 plug and 1 safety monitor.

Train Obstacle Course Perfect for anyone who is a fan of our Trackless Train, but prefers being a bit more active! This 41 foot long inflatable train features a jump area, obstacle course, and slide!

Requirements: 41 x 11 x 11 ft, one 110 plug, and two safety monitors.
Soccer Kick Basketball Challenge Batter's Challenge Radar Pitch

              Football Toss

                Speed Pitch
  Giant Slide Tropical Obstacle Course Jewel Seeker  

This slide is designed for children of all ages. The climb to the top is manageable for children as small as 24 months.

Requirements: 25 x 18 ft , one 110 plug and 2 safety monitors.

Tropical Obstacle Course

Great for that much needed escape to the tropics. Fun for ages 3 to adult.

Requirements: 20 x 80 ft , three 110 plugs and 2 safety monitors.

An island to discover. This is a huge maze with blow up obstacles to crawl through, an inflatable floor to bounce on, a cave to climb and a slide to rush out of. Lighting and sound packages available.

Requirements: 35 x 35 ft , two 110 plugs on different circuits and 2 safety monitors .


The TIMELESS CLASSICS are always a great hit!
  Basic Bounces
  Requirements: 18ft x 18ft , 110 plug, 1 safety monitor
Carousel Bounce Dragon Bounce Elephant Bounce Tweety Bounce
Humvee Bounce Disney Princess Bounce Basic Bounce Basic Bounce
  Bounce Climb Slides  
Pirate Ship Train Bounce and Slide Jungle Bounce and Slide Spiderman Obstacle Course

They can pretend to be Black Beard sailing this 30ft galleon through fierce waters. A versatile bouncer with climb, slide, and obstacles, this unit is 30 feet of fun to run through.
Requirements: 20ft x 30ft, two 110 plugs, and 2 monitors.  

Jump into the bounce, climb up the wall and soar down the slide. Three activites for the price of one.

Requirements: 15'x25', one 110 plug and two safety monitors.
 It's a bounce! It's a Slide! Who says you can't have it all??? The unit has the unique combination of two popular activities.

Power and Space Requirements: 18'x18', one 110 plug and 1 safety monitor
Let your little hero bounce, dodge the obstacles, climb and slide  with Spiderman!

Space and Power Requirements: 20ftx25ft, and one 110 plug 
Justice League Combo Mystery Machine Football Bounce/Climb/Slide Camo Combo
This Justice League jumper is the perfect bouncy castle for aspiring superheroes. This jumper also has 360-degree mesh windows, so parents and spectators can have a clear view of all the fun.

Space and Power Requirements: 15ftx15ft, and one 110 plug
Have fun with Scooby and the Gang in this fun combo unit! Kids can bounce, climb, and slide for hours in this 3-in-1 unit!

Requirements: 18'x25', one 110 plug and two safety monitors.
 The Football Inflatable Combo features a bouncing area, a climber, and a long slide. The giant Football player on the front really gets the mood set for an awesome game day party or gathering. Great for all ages.

Space and Power Requirements: 13ftx31ft, and one 110 plug
Come and hide in our camo clubhouse. This inflatable is good for boys birthdays and camping parties alike!

Requirements: 15'x25', one 110 plug and two safety monitors.