We can bring
our Frost Factory to any
event you might
have.  It comes with all supplies and servers.
You just have FUN
  Great balloon
for any

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Build your own stuffed animal including bears, unicorns, elephants, frogs, bunnies, etc. Pick out your favorite Outfit to dress your critter in. Great for Birthday Parties.

Requirements: 12 x 12 ft and one 110 plug.

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Make your own t-shirt design. We provide everything you’ll need. This is such a fun and exciting activity to share with all age groups. Great for Birthdays, Family Reunions, College, Corporate Events, etc.

fun tattoos for Alabama Parties

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos/Face Painting

Airbrush artist with stencil and airbrush system. All paint is make-up and all hypo allergenic. We use variety of different stencils to please a wide range of interests and tastes. Suitable for all ages.

Requirements: 15 x 15 ft and one 110 plug.


 Sandy Candy

We supply everything you need for this fun filled event. Children can create a edible masterpiece carefully choosing their color and flavor combinations of sweet and sour flavors.

Great for school fair and carnival, PTA/PTO spaghetti dinner, church festival and athletic events. The possibilities are endless! 

spin art game for all ages

Spin Art

Fun for young and old, this makes a great keepsake from your event. Sprinkle a few drops of paint onto a piece of art paper as the wheel spins the colors swirl around to form the perfect picture.  No two pieces are the same. 

We provide game, tent, attendants, set up, individual matted cards and paint 



This is an old favorite activity at any picnic. This activity is suitable for participants ages 5 to adult.

Bingo will include slide cards for 200 people.



Candle Art for Parties and Events

Granulated Candle Art

Make your own candles. Pour different colors of wax granules to create a candle masterpiece. Various scents available. We provide all of your art supplies. 


Fly Guy

Make your event known to everyone around with our fly guys. They soar high up in the air to let people know there is a special event going on. Great for Grand Openings and Sales.

Requirements: 3’ 3’ area and one 110 plug.