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Tick Tack Toe Throw

Participants throw a ball at a board to form a tic TAC toe pattern. Suitable for ages 5 to adult.


Duck Pond

Participants pull a duck from the pond to win a prize. All the ducks are color coded underneath corresponding to one of three prize categories.

Suitable for ages 10 ms to 5 yrs old.


Ring Toss

Participants toss a ring unto a color-coded pegboard. They win the prize that corresponds with the color peg they tagged.

Suitable for ages 5 to adults.


Samson Kiddie Striker

Samson Kiddie Striker - Swing the hammer and make the bell ring. A test of your strength. An old time favorite at Carnivals and State Fairs.


Finish line

Rev Up Your Engines!!! Five competitive race car. Roll the dice to see how fast your car will go.

This game is great for all ages.


Bizzaro Golf

6 Whole portable golf courses for all your friends to enjoy. This is one crazy golf course suitable for ages 4 to adults. Space requirements: 40 x 40 area.



We all learned how to play this game by watching the price is right. Roll the puck and hit the highest number to win."


Alien Autopsy

Let’s operate!! Steady hands are required for this surgery game. Players use the tongs to try to remove the various body parts from the alien without touching the sides and sounding the alarm.



This is a great game for carnival game lovers. Toss the balls onto the same colors on the playing board. Match 2 and WIN!!!


Prize Spin Wheel Game

A prize wheel, like the one used in the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, is great for church carnivals, school festivals, company picnics, or at family gatherings

(prizes not included)


Pitch Burst

Water fun at its best! Good for any age Group. Easy trigger mechanism allows for softballs to be used.

Good for ages 9 and up.

      Cow milking contest
WE’VE GOT MILK!! Race against time or against a friend to see who can get more milk from Bessie the Cow.
  Stand a Bottle

Stand the bottle up to win. It's just that easy ... or is it?

Once you have the ring around the neck of the bottle, you then have to try and make the bottle stand up using only the ring and pole.
  Frog Flinger

These fearsome frogs are trying to get to the other side without being a meal for the gators. Using the catapult, to fling the frogs onto the lily pad to make them safe.
  Monkey Madness

The ultimate kid's pinball game
  Mad Hatter Spin

This fun party game is great for all ages and it really tests the players skill as he or she tries to toss a ping pong balls into a tea cup, while the tray of cups is spinning round and round!
  Crazy Driver

Try to maneuver the ball down the ramp through the obstacles into the cup at the end to win!
  Space Miner

Try to get the ball to roll up hill against gravity! Land the ball in one of the ore bins to get points.
  Shock Wave

Players use an insulated want to guide a loop over a twisted wire to the base and back. Each touch of the wire sets off a loud bell.
  Crazy Dots Toss

Toss the balls onto the colored dots. Get three of the same color to win.

Putt the ball up the green and into the cup for a hole in one.

Do you have what it takes to make a hole in one?